Listening To Our Hearts Desire

If we want something, it is up to us to obtain it.  We can’t allow what others say or feel hold us back. Whether it be a new job, lifestyle change, new relationship, repairing a relationship, or setting new goals; we must let the fire burn within us.

If we remain focused; eventually the fire-stoppers will work their own way out of our life. Soon-after, we will find ourselves around other like-minded people who are both passionate and enthusiastic. They will be people we somewhat expected, coupled with those we were not even aware of. But nonetheless, they will be people who fuel our fire.

It is time to let the fire-stoppers go friends. It’s time to live the life we want to live, and live it for ourselves. If they can’t help us feed the fire, then we shouldn’t let them get too close to the flame.

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15 thoughts on “Listening To Our Hearts Desire

  1. Joshua A says:

    This is very true, and I have tried to live this way. Your very insightful, and great at writing. Keep it up.


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