23 Year Old Amanda Rich Dies After Covid Shot

Amanda was a 23 year old healthcare worker and mother of a 19 month old daughter. In a gofundme that appears to be written by her father, he states that she died of a blood clot and that they have every reason to believe it was the covid shot that caused her death.

My thoughts will be with Amanda’s family as they grieve this tragic and unnecessary loss. These shots are affecting all walks of life, all ranges of health, all ages, and all countries.

There have been millions of injuries globally and we are still uncertain of the long term affects. Many of us who have been researching have been requesting a full stop, but our voices just echo.

Although I have not had time to post every story on this domain, I do post daily stories here on my Telegram channel. All other well known social media platforms seem to be censoring these stories. I have been piecing stories together for 8 months, and unfortunately there aren’t enough hours in the day to write articles for every single one of them. Telegram is the fastest way for me to get the information to the public.

If you have a story to share, please contact me.

2 thoughts on “23 Year Old Amanda Rich Dies After Covid Shot

  1. I check in at The Bump sometimes and read what the pregnant women are saying, and I noticed this woman (due in December) reported her baby has a heart defect:


    SNIP: “This confirmed baby has pulmonary valve stenosis, which he was was critical level bc hardly any blood was getting through. This is ok in utero but as soon as baby is born a vein closes elsewhere and this needs to be fixed within 1-2 days of birth. So the bad news is this is considered a severe heart defect and we have to transfer all care to the children’s hospital and the birthing hospital attached. But hopefully it’s fixable with a ballon procedure right after birth. In rare cases, surgery could still be needed.”


    I looked it up. Pulmonary valve stenosis develops in the first eight weeks of pregnancy: http://www.choc.org/heart/congenital-heart-defects/pulmonary-stenosis/

    SNIP: “Pulmonary stenosis is a congenital (present at birth) defect that occurs due to abnormal development of the fetal heart during the first eight weeks of pregnancy.”


    She said had her first shot in the 7th week and the second one in the 11th week: forums.thebump.com/discussion/comment/91542556#Comment_91542556

    SNIP: “So I struggled with this a lot given the challenges to get pregnant with this baby. But I did get vaccinated at 7/11 weeks. The data and research I did made me way more afraid to get covid than any theoretical risk of the vaccine. I joined the Facebook group “covid 19 vaccine- evidence based group: pregnancy, lactation, TTC and children”. I followed as hundreds/thousands of women got vaccinated while pregnant before me and shared their stories. They also shared the latest research continually. High reco for those on the fence and want to learn more!”


    It doesn’t appear she’s even made the connection to the vaccine from her comments.

    Why are women being given an unlicensed vaccine in their first trimester??? Or any trimester???


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