A Tribute To Shy Archer

Forgiving, courageous, and one who accepted everyone for who they are.

This was not at all what Shy had pictured for her daughters first birthday, but apparently God needed her more. There is no doubt in my mind, she is amongst the angels now.

Shy was an icon for mothers trying to conceive. After several miscarriages and still births on October of last year; she gave birth to her healthy baby girl. She began to live the life she dreamed of.

Every day since giving birth, Shy let the world know what motherhood meant to her. She consistently told us all how much that baby meant, but we already knew. We shared her victory, and began to believe in miracles. Almost every status update on Facebook ended with saying “Enjoying every moment with Shaylyn.” She felt loved, and blessed. And she was.

I last talked to her October first of this year and her final words to me were; “I will do what I can to help”. Yes, that was her alright. Willing at the drop of a dime to help anyone in need no matter how heavy the load she carried was. Yes, that will always be the Shy Archer I remember.

Now she is in heaven with all of her babies she couldn’t have while walking this earth. And Shaylyn now has many angels watching over her.

Shy’s unexpected passing was a reminder to us all;

not to take a single breath for granted.

See you when I get home my friend! Enjoy those babies you couldn’t have here on earth, and we will watch over the one you had to leave behind until it is her turn to come back to momma. We love you, and you will forever be in our hearts.

5 thoughts on “A Tribute To Shy Archer

  1. Misty says:

    OMG this is beautiful , wish we could get that printed up for her service, it sums it up and is beautiful, Thanks Angela, she will be missed and we are all blessed to know we have a guardian angel such as her watching over us all. You will be in our hearts always Shy<3


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