For Love Of… Pride

Biblical definition of love

Although love has many faces, in general; Love is to give without expecting anything in return. There is no scoreboard or a need to keep track. There is no “tit for tat”, or “I did this, so you should do that.”

With that being said; how many people do you say “I love you” to, that you expect nothing from in return? (And I mean nothing.) Is there one, three, or none?

Now, how many people say “I love You” to you, and expect absolutely  nothing from you? They just want to love you. If you have even one, cherish them. If you have more than one, you are beyond blessed.

Once this definition of love is grasped, life and relationships tend to make more sense. Only then might one begin to ask: is it love, or is this pride? Or perhaps it is, for the love of pride?

Since only one of those answers is a winner, I hope your answer was love.

Love is an action. And this world, could use a tad bit more action.








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