Legal Bullies and Abuse

I discovered this lady last year named Karen Huffer. She’s pretty amazing.

If you have ever dealt with someone using the legal system to further abuse, harass, and bully you; she provides a plethora of information.

I love the stories of her taking people into court and hooking them up to a machine so a judge can see what is happening to the person as a result. She proves it. And instead of having clients run out of court when nauseated, she encourages them to sit there. She has them turn their head towards opponent, and vomit in the courtroom. She wants the judge to see exactly what the opponent has done to her client.

Most people think of PTSD and think of a war veteran. However, excessive litigation does cause trauma. It destroys people and lives.

If you can’t get to Nevada or afford to use her on your case, perhaps the plethora of information will help you get to the next level of personal strength. This video is worth watching if you want to know more about it. Karen, you are spot on!

Once you have the courage  (as with any bully) one of two things will happen: they go silent, or they try harder to get to you.

Regardless, stand your ground. Document everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. With good documentation and showing it on multiple levels, eventually you will prevail. Their abuse can no longer be disputed if it has occurred over an extended period of time. They can no longer deny it. The pattern is obvious. Their many masks falls off and it’s full exposure. And once this happens: YOU ARE FREE AT LAST!





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