Enablers Promote Addiction

claimpastoritclaimsfutureAlthough addiction is a mental state, by far the worst addiction trait comes from the enablers themselves. Enablers are every addicts stumbling block, and they prevent addicts from receiving the help they need and deserve.

Enablers want to fix things but in all the wrong ways. They want to sweep their family struggles under the rug and often deny they are the biggest obstacle in the addicts life. Enablers often overlook the fact that they too, need help.

The enablers pay the addicts legal fees, help mask the lies, or provide the addict with a multitude of ways to feed their habit. They finance the habit, provide food and housing, and truly believe that they are helping the addict.

Enablers will not hold the addict accountable, or themselves. Enablers are often found blaming or making excuses for the addicts problems. In fact, the enabler will often justify the addiction more than the addict themselves.

If enablers faced charges and were held accountable for the destruction of another human being, perhaps there would be less addicts. It seems that when an addict truly gets clean, the enablers have no more clout. And when that power is lost, they too have no choice but to fix themselves, or find someone new to enable.

Addiction is nasty in and of itself. If you are trying to get to a better place, then you must distance yourself from the triggers. And your biggest trigger, will always be the Enabler.





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