Anthony Nguyen Kha Huy, Age 45, Dead 10 Days After Covid Vaccine

Anthony received his covid vaccine on April 20th according to his brother-in-law Phuong Tran. He passed away 10 days later at the age of 45. Family suspects the vaccine caused his death.

Friends and family have used gofundme as a resource to raise money for his wife and their two young children. They have received a lot of support.

Judging by social media posts, this man and his family are very loved. He will be greatly missed.

20 thoughts on “Anthony Nguyen Kha Huy, Age 45, Dead 10 Days After Covid Vaccine

  1. Juls says:

    Thank you for keeping us updated. Without your posts, I would never come across these heartbreaking stories. I see that you’ve just been suspended on twitter again. I’m glad I took note of your website. I worry more and more will get censored. I’m grateful for all your hard work.


  2. Angela, miss your tweets already!!!

    Please create another account on Twitter!

    Do you know of a particular account that did this to you so I can warn people to block them?

    I hope you come back and don’t give up. I subscribed to your blog I’m usa1@

    All the best,


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  3. I have an idea of who, I retweeted his tweet two days ago. I appealed the suspension because it is discriminatory. Im just sharing stories. They don’t seem to care until people start paying attention. Im sure the recent viral video didn’t help. I was at almost at 6k followers within 3 months.

    The censorship is insane. It will only raise more flags for all these families. I have data captured from my page and will start posting here. I will also make a Gab account.

    We need a class action lawsuit against twitter.


  4. Thank you Juls! I will post here in the meantime and will begin using Telegram and Gab. It’s pretty crazy the lengths they (media) will go to censor. It also blows my mind that some of these families still don’t realize the root of their problems with these vaccine injuries. If they could only see that we are trying to help them, things would be better for everyone.


  5. Angela,

    I agree about the class action lawsuit. You have my email to keep me posted so I can create a Gab account and follow you and I need to tweet your Gab account out on twatter to your legion’s of fans can find you. My email is in case you don’t have it.

    Your fans are already outraged! Here is one from William Huston.

    William Huston 




    What the fuck,


    ? You just can’t allow any TRUTH to get out, can you? I am writing my Congresswoman


    about this Fascist CENSORSHIP!




    Lolz he is pissed. People asked if you would create a new account on twatter but maybe it’s too soon to decide yet.

    I’m pissed about this and I am heartbroken you’re gone. I hope you do come back.

    Keep me posted of yourself and I will continue to promote your blog.

    Talk to you later.



  6. I appealed because I wasn’t doing anything aside from reporting. There are millions of tweets like mine and all of those accounts are active. My account was growing too quick and people were paying attention. I love you all and please tell people where to find me.


  7. mayoub96 says:

    I’m so very sorry that you’ve been suspended. What utter bullshit! I will post a link to this website on my twitter account. Your work is too valuable to go unnoticed!!


  8. So sorry for your the loss. This same story is being told time and time again. Yet typical mainstream media continues to deny and attempt to cover up anything mentioned death or adverse affects due to the COVID shots (It’s not a vaccine). Personally know 2 people died both 11 days blood clot after Pzizer shot. Pity those who are ill informed rolling up their sleeves like it’s the right thing to do.


  9. If you have documentation of those stories and their families would like to share them please send me the information. Ideally a brief statement from the family, if possible a copy of vaccine card, a photo, and a link to their obituary. These stories need shared. They can email them to me at:


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