Adriana’s Pfizer Covid Vaccine Reaction Has Left Her With 180k In Medical Bills

Adriana Caponte’s experience with her Pfizer covid vaccine on January 25, 2021 has become her worst nightmare. Her vaccine reaction landed her in ICU and she has been out of work every since.

In her fundraiser she writes:

I am 32 years old and a single mother of a 12 year old son. I recently had a terrible incident that left me fighting for my life after receiving my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine at work. I had to undergo major test and procedures and be intubated and brought back to life. I spent some time in a coma then in ICU and since I’ve been released and recovering home getting physical therapy and occupational therapy. I had to learn how to walk again, talk again, write again and just learn everything all over  again. I also lost my memory for a while have been regaining those memories daily.

Unfortunately the medical care due to her reaction to the Pfizer vaccine has left her with some hefty medical bills. Although she had insurance coverage, for some reason her insurance will not cover a substantial amount of the expenses.

According to Adriana’s gofundme campaign she is still battling with her health insurance company over these medical bills. In a fundraiser update done in April of 2021 Adriana wrote:

“ My medical bills are outstanding and are now over 160K and rising. I keep on calling and appealing, but I keep getting denied. I do in fact have insurance GHI to be exact that I get from my job at NYC department of corrections so I’m having a hard to figuring out why everything is being denied left and right.”

Thus far, Adriana has raised $12551.00 of her $100,000.00 goal. She seems to believe that only 1% have a severe allergic reaction to these vaccines. Unfortunately the real number of severe allergic reactions or reactions in general can’t be determined at the moment. This is unapproved investigational medicine and we are still in trials. Peer reviewed studies will be conducted once trials are completed.

If you or a loved one has experienced an adverse reaction or health issues after your covid vaccine please reach out to me so your stories can be heard.

10 thoughts on “Adriana’s Pfizer Covid Vaccine Reaction Has Left Her With 180k In Medical Bills

  1. Anonymous says:

    She needs to file for a certain type of bankruptcy or work w/ the hospital to get the money written off. She does not need to pay this.


  2. Ruth Parker says:

    Her insurance won’t cover it because the vaccine is experimental. This is spelled out in the fine print on the waivers people sign before receiving it.

    She can’t sue Pfizer because indemnification contracts were put in place with the USA government.

    Pfizer CEO even admitted he has no idea if the vaccine will make people sick in a few years.


  3. Her job should pick it up if she was pressured in any way except to say it was available. i hope she kept any addressing of this vaccine availability during that time. Anything more than availability can be presumed to be coercive.


  4. I think we can paraphrase Benjamin Franklin: “A fool and their health/life, are soon parted.” Or as P.T. Barnum discovered, “There is a sucker, for the vaccine poison, born every minute.”


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