13 Year Old Jacob Clynick Dies Three Days After Second Pfizer Covid Vaccine

Jacob Clynick’s death was announced on twitter by his aunt, Tami Burages. She tweeted that he passed away three days after his second pfizer vaccine due to heart issues, and attached a copy of his vaccination card. She also stated: “He had no known health problems. He was on no medications.”

Despite the shock, grief, and devastation of losing a loved one to an adverse reaction, in her bizarre tweets that followed she encouraged other families to potentially sacrifice their children as well.

Many teens and adults alike have had adverse reactions to these unapproved covid vaccines. Unfortunately many stories are suppressed.

Many consumers seem completely oblivious to the fact that these are still trials and that death is an adverse event.

Because there are thousands of stories, I don’t always have time to post them here. For daily stories, please check out my channel and share it with the others. I have posted several stories of teens in recent days, as well as people in other age brackets.

If you have a story to share, please contact me.

16 thoughts on “13 Year Old Jacob Clynick Dies Three Days After Second Pfizer Covid Vaccine

  1. kelly says:

    This is a syndrome whereby humans display symptoms of doublespeak, blood cult ritualism, mind control, trance, ignorance, insanity and cognitive dissonance. What do we name it?


  2. Lynn Wright says:

    Incredible. “..I would mnitor heart rate…” like that will prevent death. Just watch as your child heart fails. The propaganda has done a good job getting people to accept these posionous, dangerous injections. Remember, Moderna’s and Pfizer’s jabs are NOT vaccines, they are experimental, synthetic gene therapies.


  3. Ryan says:

    Thanks for everything you do. I’m following you on Telegram. It’s heartbreaking to read these tragic stories. These people had nobody to inform them. They trusted the media and govt. That’s why many are in denial. Their world collapses. They’ve paid a terrible price. It’s a tragedy and a crime.


  4. I’m doing the best I can for flying solo here. The telegram channel can be viewed from any browser, and it is an easy place to save videos and collages made so others can share them. I’m also making videos on TikTok, posting on gab, and things are being shared on Facebook and twitter. I’m spread pretty thin and telegram is the fastest way to get stories out. I post up to 30 per day here. Im trying to get more on this site, I just don’t have enough hours in the day. I haven’t taken a day off from this in six months.


  5. Alessandra says:

    ” I haven’t taken a day off from this in six months. ” Please, make sure you can relax once in a while and enjoy nature. Don’t risk a burnout. You’re already doing 200%, and you and others have a major impact, vaccine demand has pretty much collapsed. Soon they will have to burn excess vaccines, or send them to Africa where they will also burn it eventually.


  6. Thank you Alessandra. We have saved some. They have sent me messages. I can’t imagine doing anything else at the moment. There are so many stories out there, it is overwhelming.


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