Knowing We Are Worth It, Being Treated Like We Are Not

We all know that we are worth something. That we have something to offer. That we have something about us that others can benefit from. For some reason, some of us choose to stay among people who don’t allow us to blossom. We allow people to treat us like we are not worth it, when we know we are. Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it our forgiving nature? Are we just insecure? What is it we are holding on to?

If you know you are worth it, then pamper yourself. Surround yourself with only those people who know you are worth it too and who value you. It is all too easy to get sucked into helping others and lose sight of our own self-worth. Don’t compromise your values, or beliefs. Don’t compromise your morals, or standards. And if you have, get away from the people who are sucking your life dry. You are worth it, and you should be treated as such. There are too many good people out there, to congregate with the bad ones.

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