Titles Are Just Titles

As I read an email from a reader this morning wondering why I have been much slower to post these days, I thought I would share my most recent life lesson: Titles Are Just Titles. Not only will it explain the lesson, but it will also explain some of why I have been much slower to post items these days.

From the time I was a young girl, I wanted a title in terms of career. I knew when I grew up and had a career it would be something meaningful that I would be proud of. Upon entering my third year as a single mom I had yet to find that career with that nice title. Then alas, it came. I was hired as the “Operations Manager” and felt like my future was secure. It was such a strong title, and on salary.com it showed some nice numbers for a salary. I knew if I took the position I would be making a six digit salary within a year or two. So I took the position. It was definitely promising for a single mother of three, and the company seemed to have a lot of potential.

As I began to work for this company my creativity began to be used there instead of here, and I had less to offer when it came to writing. I was beat. I was spent. And I was also pre-occupied with other things. I would be in the midst of working with no way to jot ideas as they came, and at times it drove me crazy. I was conflicted and torn so I did what I always do, I prayed.

As I prayed things began to unravel. One thing at a time, one day at a time I was given cues. And to make a long story short, my boss turned out to be a complete shmuck that didn’t pay me for two months.  So rather than work for free, I quit. I gave up on the career with the strong title and I quit worrying about what other people think about where I am at in my journey of life now.  Since resigning as Operations Manager, I have since begun to walk my own path. I have begun treasure hunting at auctions for items to sell on eBay, and have had more time to write.

As a result, this past week I have nearly finished a book that should be complete within the next few days. Although I havent been actively posting, I have been actively writing and look forward to sharing this book with everyone. It is a compilation of life, love, and lessons. It is a simple table side poetry book but is designed much different from others out there. I’m excited to publish it, and look forward to feedback both good and bad.

Through all this I learned that titles are just titles. It is doing what we love and what makes us happy that matters most when lay our head down at night. And this, is what I love. Writing, sharing, giving, and helping. That is me. And I have way more to give, when I don’t worry about what other people think.

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