If God Forgave All Evil Wouldn’t He And Satan Be Friends?

I have gone to churches off and on since I was in 3rd grade.  I began going thanks to a neighbor of mine that had invited me to vacation bible school. From there, I began to explore religion and the various forms, and developed my own beliefs.

I have been to southern baptist, fundamental baptist, catholic, pentecostal, apostolic, methodist, and non denominational  churches and through all of these churches I have discovered my version of who I believe God is. I believe He forgives, He guides, and He provides. And I believe that without Him, life can be hard to manage.

Due to a situation I have recently observed I am asking all that read this one question. If God forgives all evil, wouldn’t He and the devil be friends? I ask this because there are people who believe He forgives everything. Intentional acts of evil included. I do not believe he forgives intentional acts of evil. What do you believe?

24 thoughts on “If God Forgave All Evil Wouldn’t He And Satan Be Friends?

  1. Fortunately, God does in fact forgive evil; even intentional evil. King David and the apostle Paul are just two examples from Scripture. David’s lust led him to commit adultery and then murder to hide the adultery. Paul was on the way to Damascus to seek permission to intensify the persecution and murder of those identifying themselves as Christians when he was converted to the faith. God’s Word tells us they were both forgiven. Our problem, though, is much greater than simply identifying sins we think God should not forgive. Because our view of His Holiness is distorted, we do not recognize our own wickedness. We think we’re pretty good people. In Matthew’s account of the Gospel (ch.6), Jesus brought everything into perspective. While we’re busy measuring the goodness of people by their external activities, God is judging us by our hearts. “Look upon some one with lust; adulterer. “Let anger bring forth feelings of hatred; murderer.” In his letter to the Romans, Paul rightly condemns the entire human race to the same judgement. Guilty before God! Truthfully, God should forgive no sins, no acts of evil, no intentional acts of evil. But He does. Because “He loved His world.” So much, that He sent His Son to die on a cross to pay the debt we owed. Was His sacrifice enough to cover all the sins of the world, no matter how evil? Yes. Will everyone be forgiven? That’s a question we leave to God. The Bible clearly teaches there is only one path to reconciliation with God; the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Outside that provision, there is no hope. Outside the saving grace of Jesus’ blood, we see only proclamations of eternal judgement and wrath.
    We live in an age where the crimes against humanity are broadcast by all sorts of media. Turn on the TV, radio, or your computer and everything happening in the world is available. Murder, rape, child molestation, and etc., etc., etc., flood our attention. By all means, criminals should be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But do we demonize the criminals? A wise man said this, “Eternity is a long, long, long time. Do not offer the alternative, should we seek out and prosecute the guilty or should we pray for them? The answer is yes.”


  2. Jose s says:

    Once Satan as a Lucifer was became a protest to the Lord, God throw them off to on the Earth, but Jesus do love Them, but Satan only didn’t listen once, that’s all.


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  4. buckeyegurl72 says:

    I very respectfully disagree with the above poster.

    I do NOT believe all acts of evil will be forgiven. If I get to heaven, and am seated next to Jeffrey Dahmer, then really, I dont want to be there.

    I do not beleive you can simply do wrong, say OOPS Please forgive me God, and all is well…

    Further more, what many christians really fail to see open mindedly, is that the bible is NOT the end all be all…

    The bible is often mis-interpretted and used to validate a thousand different things…

    In reality, the bible has been translated down through the years…THe original books destroyed by fire, and then recreated, and a lot has been lost in those actions….

    To each his own, of course….

    But I believe God gave us free will and he expects us to use it.

    If we use it for good, we are gonna hear about it…And on judgement day, if we have used it for evil, we will be called out…

    Some things will be forgiven…And some wont….

    And personally, I dont think God loves all his children quite enough to forgive them ALL their trespases….


  5. I agree with you. So much is lost in translation. I am so grateful that through various religions I could come up with my own interpretations. Most things, I wont know until I get there. But I believe God gave us a brain, to use. Not to be brainwashed by one specific religion simply because that is what we were told to do. I believe that deliberate acts of evil will never go unpunished. The wrath of God is mentioned for a reason in the scriptures…. And I truly believe that if forgiveness is what people claim it is with Him, that He and the devil would be friends. Evil is evil, and the God I have studied and come to know, casts evil away.


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  8. We live the best and most honest life we can. If we are doing that, we will likely avoid intentional acts of evil. As for me, I will just keep talking to Him until I feel I have the answers I seek.


  9. Heather Tellier says:

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  12. anonymous says:

    You may want to actually learn something about the God you claim to believe in before trying to blog about Him. Your ignorance is only outweighed by your arrogance.


  13. You must have control issues. One who states “the God you claim to believe in” resembles control issues. I believe in him, and I can write what I believe. At least I dont remain anonymous while making my points. That my friend is not only ignorance, but a coward too. Have a great day!


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