If God Forgave All Evil Wouldn’t He And Satan Be Friends?

I have gone to churches off and on since I was in 3rd grade.  I began going thanks to a neighbor of mine that had invited me to vacation bible school. From there, I began to explore religion and the various forms, and developed my own beliefs.

I have been to southern baptist, fundamental baptist, catholic, pentecostal, apostolic, methodist, and non denominational  churches and through all of these churches I have discovered my version of who I believe God is. I believe He forgives, He guides, and He provides. And I believe that without Him, life can be hard to manage.

Due to a situation I have recently observed I am asking all that read this one question. If God forgives all evil, wouldn’t He and the devil be friends? I ask this because there are people who believe He forgives everything. Intentional acts of evil included. I do not believe he forgives intentional acts of evil. What do you believe?