But That Was Yesterday

Everyone makes mistakes

When referring to children in terms of messes, the messes they make are most often found to be completely ignored. Atleast they do not appear to be affected by their messes too much.

Instead of responding to their mess, they adjust. They will find a way to work around it. They release their mistake almost instantly. It is almost as though they accept the fact they may make some messes, long before they ever do.  Pure geniuses. 

Perhaps we all need maintain an innocent and child like mindset in regards to messes. Maybe then, the messes we make or expose ourselves to wouldn’t have such an impact on our overall well being. Maybe then, we could let go of things as soon as they happen. And maybe then, we could accept the fact that we will makes some messes in life no matter how young or old we are.

Now I am no rocket scientist here, but maybe (just maybe)… it’s best for us to simply say;

“Oh yeah, that was my mess alright! That was alllll mine. But today is a brand new day. And I will choose today… to not let it mess with me!”

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