Fit And Healthy Christopher Boekman Has Heart Issues After Pfizer Vaccines

Christopher Boekman from Dayton, Ohio took to social media recently to share his experience with his Pfizer covid vaccines. As you can see by his photograph, he appears to have been pretty fit and healthy prior to these vaccines.

Like countless others, Christopher began to have issues shortly after both vaccinations. After his first dose on March 16, 2021 he began having pain in his back and chest that never fully subsided.

On April 13, 2021 Christopher reluctantly got his second covid vaccine. The pain in his back and chest continued. After two weeks he went to the doctor. The doctor took xrays and didn’t see anything and sent him on his way, but asked that he follow up in one week.

On May 9, 2021 he went to the Emergency Room, where he was then transferred to a different hospital and placed in the cardiac ward. His final diagnosis was non-ST elevated myocardial infarction and myo/pericarditis.

This free covid vaccine has cost Christopher’s family a lot financially. UHC denied the medicine, part of his hospitalization, and the MRI. He is still unable to take a deep breath, or even yawn without serious full joint body pain. He gets pain picking up his three year old child.

Christopher would like his story to be heard, and shared. Hopefully all of the victims of these experimental vaccines will be acknowledged and heard.

If you have a story to share please contact me.

4 thoughts on “Fit And Healthy Christopher Boekman Has Heart Issues After Pfizer Vaccines

  1. cheryl long says:

    I am so sorry this happened to you. I keep trying and trying to tell people the dangers. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you and your family.


  2. Mark Berlinger says:

    Dr. Larry Pavelsky: This is not a vaccine. Please stop calling it a vaccine. As Dr. Madej said, “the lipid nanoparticles have never been used in injections before.” They are capable of passing any material that it’s attached to into the brain, the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, the liver, the sperm and the female reproductive systems. We are in a crapshoot. This is Russian roulette. We have no answers about what is being transmitted, how it’s being transmitted and we should be up in arms.


  3. I know it isn’t a vaccine by definition and its ability. Sometimes you have to meet people where they are at though. Many are struggling to digest a single layer of this, and too much at once closes their minds more.


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