Father And Daughter Died Four Days Apart Despite Taking Different Brands Of Covid Vaccines

This is tragic story out of Michigan that was disclosed by Kathryn Kendall. She lost both her father and her sister within four days of one another, and they were vaccinated with different brands of covid vaccines.

John Robert Kendall Jr. had his second Moderna vaccine in April, and within days he had a heart attack and passed away. He died on April 28, 2021.

John spent time as a U.S. Marshall, and has a lengthy resume in public service. John was also the cofounder of DK security, and is said to have been a phenomenal leader.

Kimberly St. Charles, John’s daughter, got her vaccine towards the end of April. She chose the Johnson & Johnson viral vector covid injection. Unfortunately Kimberly began showing reaction symptoms the same day she took the vaccine. She ended up in ICU within days of her shot, and never recovered. She was only 49 with no known health problems and a mother of four children.

If you or a loved one have had an adverse reaction due to these experimental EUA covid injections, please contact me. We need more courageous people like Kathryn speaking up.

You’re silence, is consent.

12 thoughts on “Father And Daughter Died Four Days Apart Despite Taking Different Brands Of Covid Vaccines

  1. Anonymous says:

    We are horribly facing a war with Demonic forces and their weapon is the vaccine and we are their targeted victims.


  2. Mike says:

    Does anyone know where the original testimony of Kathryn is posted? I can’t find it anywhere on her Facebook page


  3. henry says:

    Two teenage brothers died in my area right after vaccination. i know of another death in a neighboring city of a healthy elderly woman who succumbed to heart failure. The CDC and VAERS reporting system acknowledges 6000 vaccine deaths and 35 thousand injuries. its believed that this number represents 1% of vaccine deaths. and my girlfriend whose a covid nurse reports serious vaccine injuries months after receiving the Phizer.shot.


  4. Angela says:

    My Job is making the vaccine mandatory. I am researching so I can fight it. I will take all the help and knowledge I can get!

    Thank you 😊


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