I went to see a band this past week, and received validation that I have been given a gift of discernment. As the gals in the band sang Fighter by Christina Aguilera the crowd sang along. I walked over to a man, and said “keep fighting”. I could feel it, despite his smiling outwardly and appearing to be enjoying his evening. When I spoke those words to him, he said “You have no idea. I’m fighting. I’ve had 5 brain tumors”, and he began to list a series of medical complications. He then looked at me and said “Out of everyone in this room to have said that to, you picked me. I’m fighting! This is weird! I have chills!”

Needless to say we became quick friends, and this experience gives me chills to even retell. We never exchanged numbers, or even our names. But it reminds me of the old saying “Be nice to everyone you see, they are fighting a battle you know nothing about!”