Footprints In The Sand

This is a really good song to meditate  and give thanks. He hears us, no matter who we are or where we are.  And he responds. It is no coincidence that people in this world that have achieved much came from some of the most difficult circumstances. It is no coincidence that when you ask them all how they survived traumatic life situations they say… : “I prayed”.

Those who answer that question with “I prayed” came from all nations, and all walks of life. They were from all religions, all beliefs, all completely different people. He is there, and He listens. Although he does it in his own time, He answers. It may not always be in the way we thought, but He answers. He never fails to answer. Just believe.

Thank You Lord


Thank you Lord for giving me

These lessons from which I have learned.

And granting me the privelage

To grow

As each page I turn.

Thank you Lord for blessing me

With an ability to type and write.

Thank you Lord for giving me

A chance to share this life.

The lessons I have learned

I will now teach

And pass  on

So others can beware.

Thank you Lord for loving me

and For always being there.

In times ahead

I will likely fall

Perhaps repeating a lesson or two.

Thank you Lord for not judging me

And loving me as you do!

– AMEN –

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