Is Your Child Being Bullied? Build them up!

Statistics show that school bullying is far worse now than ever before. It can begin in elementary and last as long as the victim allows it. Currently it is present in my child’s elementary school, which to me seems extremely young. It is something that as a parent, you don’t expect to be teaching about, until it happens.

It is important that we as parents allow the child to fight the battle on their own. We are there to simply guide. We are there to teach them techniques in handling their relationship problems, not intervene and do all the work. Intervening will only make the child become more singled out, and of course picked on more. Now if things really begin to get out of line, we may need to step in. However, I feel it’s important that they learn to stand up for themselves.

Engage in a conversation with your child about self esteem. I explained to my son recently about a bully at his school: “It happens because he feels gross on the inside. He see’s you happy, doing good, and he is jealous. You have good friends, your teachers love you, you have a kind heart, you are smart, and you are handsome. Continue to pray for him, and continue to make wise choices for yourself. In 20 years that boy will likely be behind bars unless he finds Jesus and you will have finished college, be happily married, and living a beautiful life. So, don’t let people like that get you down.” He hugged me, thanked me, and began to discuss it some more with me. And I sat there thankful, that my children are comfortable telling me anything. I hope that never goes away!

I think it is important that we build our children up, they need to know they are important. Their opinions are important, they have a voice, they are people. I think it is crucial to teach them ways to deal with the issue, as well as just letting it go after a certain point. I would hate to see my child as a grown adult still stewing over what a school mate once said or did in their childhood. I want to raise children with confidence. I want them to use their voice, and when necessary, I will be there to back them up.

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