If You Have To State It Then You Probably Aint It

state it aint itWe have all been one, will probably be one again at some point, and we have definitely known one. And to most people, the bragger is simply annoying. Especially the extremely exaggerated bragger.

The extremely exaggerated bragger claims life is wonderful at all times. They maintain a very superficial front. They claim they have a ton of money. They speak of lavish things. They talk far more than they listen.

What they do not realize, is people already know the truth. A logical person realizes that people who claim to have the most, often have the least. Now, sometimes they really do have all the things that they say they do, however they may also have a lot of debt. Not only that, but because they are so fixated on material things and personal rewards, they really have nothing in the grand scheme of things. Emotionally, they are empty. There too, they are bankrupt.

Think deep about this quote…

Actions speak.

So stop and think!

If you have to state it, 

then you probably ain’t it!

Next time you want to say it….

Remind yourself that your actions already have.

Our actions speak louder than any words we could ever shout.

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