That Chicken Must Have Eaten Healthy Mom!

As we sat down for Easter dinner the children said our prayer and we began to eat. As I began to cut apart the chicken my youngest says “was that like a hole chicken?” I assumed she will be disgusted, but told her yes. it was a whole chicken. She replies “It looks like they just cut the head off!” and I confirmed that she was correct. I then began to explain the entire process of being meat to the table.

Having been a vegetarian for nearly 21 years, I figured that at least one of my children would be as equally disgusted with the meat process as I. She didn’t seem affected and we ate our dinner. As we ate and chatted my daughter had darn near eaten the bone of the chicken. She then proclaims, “That chicken must have eaten really healthy, it sure was juicy!”

Obviously, she will NOT be a vegetarian 🙂

Design On A Dime, & Have Fun With The Children At The Same Time

Having trouble finding artwork that coördinates with your color scheme? Are the kids ready to do something different? Are the same old family activities becoming boring? Would they be interested in taking part in designing a space in the home? This is an extremely cheap  but fun way to decorate any space. A definite  penny-pinching family activity!

Find the colors you want for your space then give the children the paper, brushes,  and paint. Have them begin their masterpiece. Sit down with them and paint one yourself. It is a fun time to bond, learn more about one another, and you have something hanging on the wall at the end to remind you about that bonding moment.

This  will liven up any room, and add a ton of character. The kids will truly enjoy this activity, and will proudly display their framed work in any area of the home.


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