Craigslist Prostitution, Out Of Control

I recently had people respond to an ad I had posted on Craigslist. After a few months of searching for work I was tired of emailing resumes, and thought I would post an ad to see if work would by chance find me. And it did! Unfortunately, with some of that work came some real weirdo’s.

Now, I don’t understand how a site like Craigslist can get away with things such as prostitution! Who moderates this site? People post ads regularly wanting to hire someone for sex, or offering to service someone. Some even write that they are disease free. Now that’s funny that someone posting such an ad would expect someone on the opposite side to believe that. It’s sick!

As business’s responded to my advertisement I got excited. It seemed too good to be true. I was going to get to use my business skills and help them solve problems from within their business. I was getting them online, building their website, or whatever they needed.

During the screening process, one man who owned two medical imaging firms in Dublin and Pickerington offered this : “$2500 a month, no need to come in. I add you to the payroll, but you service me twice a week. My wife will never know, she has nothing to do with our business.” I was floored, and no longer stayed in contact with him. I felt awful for his wife, Lord knows what he’s passed to her. How could she have married such a slime bucket?

I managed to find a few good leads, but was literally shocked with the amount of creeps lurking out there. It’s times like the guy mentioned above, that I wish I were a cop. People like that, need help. And Craigslist needs moderators or it should be banned.