Cut It Loose

I find that the older I become, the less tolerant I am of certain behaviors, as well as some breeds of people. It’s almost as though I have spent so much time in my life trying to figure out people and their logic, their morals, decisions etc., that I have more or less just thrown my hands in the air. Sometimes you just have to… cut it loose.


If I feel like there is a lack of respect, empathy, compassion, trust, or understanding…. I cut it loose.

If I feel that one side does more taking than giving…. I cut it loose.

If we only see each other because I come to you…. I cut it loose.

If we only talk because I call or text, I stop calling and texting. Again…I cut it loose.

Keeping people around who drag you down just isn’t worth it. If they aren’t making you a better person, or if your life is not a little bit easier just knowing that they are there….


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