The Best Way To Confront Another Person

There are three T’s to having a good approach when communicating with others. It is important that we remain focused on the following these three T’s; in order to achieve good results when we have a conflict that needs addressed with another individual in our life.

Two People – Approach the person when they are alone and you are alone.  There is no need for either side to feel attacked. When more people are involved the conversation loses focus and nothing really gets resolved. If it is our issue that we have with another individual we must fight our battle alone. Pow wows, are unnecessary.

Tone – If you feel heated do not approach the other person face to face. Your facial expressions, tones, and mannerisms could be seen as negative and one may feel attacked. The fight or flight process begins to occur and the other person may become confused and unfocused.

Sometimes a phone call or email will achieve better results. When responding to an issue by writing out our thoughts, the brain takes more time to process the information which in turn allows us to think before we speak.

Time & Place There is a time and a place to approach someone when addressing an issue you have with them. Social gatherings and functions are not an ideal place. Trying to resolve it inside the workplace may not always be the best place either.

If you know you will be bumping into the person, try to resolve the issue beforehand.  This helps both people avoid public conflicts that end up affecting others who were present. It also aids in avoiding embarrassment in cases where we may approach someone without having had all of the facts first.

By following the above three T’s to a proper approach when confronting another person, we are bound to communicate both properly and wisely. Life is too short to stew over issues for days without resolving. 

We will all have issues and problems, it’s all about how we handle them.

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3 thoughts on “The Best Way To Confront Another Person

  1. anonymous says:

    I read my friend was arrested for something I didn’t approve of so I sent messages all over facebook telling everyone. Then I blocked that person and blogged about them. Do you think that was a good way to handle it?


  2. I guess it would depend on what the friend got arrested for… and how that persons wrongdoing affected others. Some things need said. And there are situations that the public should be made aware of. In my opinion anyway. Hence is why we have reporters.

    If it was truly a friend perhaps you should have talked to them first. If it was someone you seldom see or talk to that is pretty removed from your life already (like an old classmate you havent talked to much in 20 years) then it probably doesnt matter much. And if they are arrested, booked, and locked away: it really isnt going to matter much anyway. If it is something that affects the public, people should know.

    As for me and the writing of life situations:

    A lot of writers write; and people assume it is about them. Reality is, pieces are written that speak of situations as a whole. Multiple situations are compared.

    Most would agree that if it strikes a cord, then perhaps it applies to the person. It doesnt mean that it was specifically written for that person. It means the person reading it is experiencing some guilt. Or perhaps even shame.

    I still haven’t figured out why people are self absorbed to the point of thinking an article is all about them. I run into that a lot with people who are in my life. Fact is… they are offended by the truth or that it applies. As a result, the writer gets slammed.

    I guess if one chooses to blog about specific topics or situations, then it can be done tactfully. Someone I went to school with recently encountered a run in with the law. And I informed people, indeed.

    Did I write a blog about them? No. Could I have contacted a news anchor friend of mine and aired the story on major television station, yes. Could I have done a write up for the local newspapers, yes. Could I still, yes. But did I?? No. I have respect for other parties involved. I only notified others because nobody else had enough guts to really.


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