The Bar

The Bar

The place where spiders crawl

Spreading around their poison

Only to put a band aid on their lesions.

A place where they meet

Gather and greet

While searching through their lives

For reason.

Drowning away

In the pesticide that’s sprayed

Now their problems die

For a season.

© 2006 Angela Bininger

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Broken Again

My soul is broken

The pain is so real

Why does he do this

Why cant he feel?

Why is he so angry?

Always has to shout!

Why cant he communicate?

Can someone help me out?

Ive been trying to get away

From this vicious cycle we are in

Now I have the courage I need

To put this all to an end

I cant stand to look at him

Or hear what comes out of his mouth

I cant spend forever like this

Living in denial and doubt!

© 2005 Angela Bininger