Don’t Give Up

dont give up poem saying
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Are You Waiting For Change?


If we are waiting for someone to change in order for us to feel fulfilled and happy then we are wasting our valuable time and energy.

As we now change comes from within. And we can not change others. We can only change how we deal with them. And some are just best not to deal with at all. It keeps us healthier mentally and emotionally.

If someone else’s actions or lack there of are hurting you, then it is time to walk away. We have to protect ourselves. We are the only ones responsible for our own happiness so it is up to us to look out for what is in our best interests.

My Review: The Dangers Of The Electronic Cigarette

Pictured on the left is the cigarette after explosion. The bottom piece in this picture that shows 3 separate pieces, is the interior of the cigarette plainly showing exposed wires on the far right. This photo was taken via celphone and was uploaded to mypics via verizon wireless and then loaded to this site and the factoidz site that I write for. This happened March 2009 in a Ft. Lauderdale hotel room while traveling. The picture was then sent to the saleswoman within minutes of the explosion, and can easily be verified via verizons records if someone would like to challenge the dangers of this product at the time of which I used it. I promote healthier living, and support people in quitting smoking. This is a situation that happened to me, in no way am I saying never use one. Im just saying be careful. When charging, be present. etc.

I purchased an electronic cigarette last year, and can vouch for the fact that they are dangerous. At least this particular one was. They will aid in reducing or even quitting smoking, however there is a danger that hasn’t been spoken of. In fact, the woman who sold me mine was featured on WBNS news promoting the cigarette within days of this one exploding. When I emailed the reporter and explained my situation with the cigarette, I was ignored. They had aired a segment telling how great they were, apparently they didn’t want to return within a week speaking of this incident. That, or it was for law purposes. Most likely they were avoiding being sued by those that sell the product, for projecting a negative image.

Electronic cigarettes give the same sensation as a real cigarette. You inhale and exhale a mist, along with the level of nicotine you prefer. The nicotine cartridges come in 3 strengths. For me personally, I preferred the medium strength. I loved that little cigarette and was temporarily saddened the day our smoking affair had ended, in a Ft. Lauderdale hotel room.

I had been using the cigarette for about 3 weeks. After the first week nicotine began to leak out of the metal structure and the LED no longer worked, so the saleswoman replaced it. The new one seemed to be working fine, until about week 2. As I sat in my hotel room on vacation with my children I caught a whiff of a unique odor. Having been through a fire or two in my life, I can smell potential fires from afar. And that is what I smelled.

Upon entering the other room there was a haze, and I unplugged the electronic cigarette from the charger. As I unplugged the charger from the wall, and removed the cigarette from the charger it exploded. There were red and green wires hanging out of it, and an awful aroma of burnt plastic. I became paranoid about the wires, I was boarding a cruise the next day to leave the country. And this once safe electronic cigarette now looked like a bomb. How would I make it in and out of the country with such a thing? If I throw it away I will never see that $160.00 refund. I sent her a photo of the cigarette just in case I had to toss it.

Needless to say I made it back home with it. I got my refund and I found it odd for that saleswoman to be on the news promoting this product. I had gone though two, in 3 short weeks. After one nearly caught a high rise hotel on fire, here she is on the news talking about how great they are just a few days after I returned my second one.