Traveling The Roads We Were Warned Of

 quote about roads we travel and being warned

Sometimes we are warned but refuse to accept it. We hear it and see it but do not want to believe it. We get caught up in false hope and set ourselves up for a fall.

There is a reason people cross our paths and warn us. We shouldn’t take these warnings lightly. They come to help us and with good cause. Their knowledge although often overlooked could be the very knowledge that saves our life. Question is, what do you do with the information?

If you decide to proceed after having been warned; proceed with caution. The others who traveled before you, left that particular road for a reason. They do not warn you because they want to travel back down that road themselves. They warn you to prevent that pain being inflicted on anyone else.

What may appear to be a whisper or an annoyance from others who come to warn us while we are standing, becomes screaming and shouting as we travel further down that road and we wreck or fall down.

If you have traveled despite being warned, you may reach a point where you wish you would have listened. Or perhaps you may wish you would have asked a few more questions.  If that is the case,  try not to beat yourself up. Just be glad that you changed roads and there was an exit ramp right when you needed it.

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