Smile, it really does make people wonder!

A person entered my life over the last few years, an employer, that I developed a unique friendship with. Nobody could stand him, at work, or in town. He ran everyone away with his negativity, well, just about everyone. Some would still come in to get free beer, or food. And a select few of us, simply needed a job.

For me, I kinda felt bad for him. He was the first person in my life with an abundance of negative energy, that didn’t weigh me down. He would sit, and stew, and complain all day. To workers, to customers, about workers, about customers, etc. I would work 13 days straight at times, open to close shifts, and for some reason his consistent complaining didn’t bother me. He reduced every employee to tears with his rages, but somehow, never me. My goal everyday, was to make him smile or laugh.

I filled the room with smiles. I was so happy to be working, that I had a home for my kids, we were all healthy, that I broke free from some of the most controlling people Id met in my life, and that I had my independence. The list could go on for some time. I  felt on top of the world.

Often he would curse and say “Why are you always  so f***ing happy?” My answers would vary from time to time, but often I would say “Because I know it pisses you off” and he would smile, scratch his head, and walk away. When he came back around a few minutes later he would just look at me shaking his head, with a smirk on his face.

When we let go of criticism & overlook flaws in other people, we are then capable of connecting with feelings that border on bliss. When we realize that everyone has all the same tools, and that some aren’t just capable of using them all the same way, we are then able to see positive things in our own life.

When positive things are felt, seen, or heard we find ourselves smiling. And it can be contagious! Lets infect the world with our smiles, and while doing that, the disgruntled people will just have to continue wondering what we are up to. Maybe they will crave it eventually, and begin to smile too.

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