Why Some People Can’t Stand To Watch Others Succeed

Have you ever had someone in your life, that can’t rejoice with your triumphs? The one that can’t say “Congratulations”,  “Good Job”, “I’m proud of you” etc. ? As you achieve your dreams, from them you gain no support. They are disgruntled. They are angry. They talk about you. Sometimes even in front of you they talk, but they do not have enough character to speak directly to you.

Often in life, when we are on the right track, we encounter such people who try to discourage us. For me, these people inspire me even more. It feeds the fire, and encourages me to keep going. It tells me I am on to something good! These people, are just a test, to see how bad we want whatever it is we are after. These people, are disgruntled because we are  doing something they can’t. They are upset because as they see us succeed, they feel they have fallen short in their own life.

So, let them talk. Let them laugh. Let  them discourage you because they have nothing in their own life to be proud of.  Because in the end, when you have reached your goals, you get the final laugh. Not them.

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13 thoughts on “Why Some People Can’t Stand To Watch Others Succeed

  1. I’ve got this kind of situation so many times with them so called friends at work few years back. And I always felt there’s some hard lines that limits my ideas and creativities on that moments. Small word like “thanks” or “good work” seems like so expensive.
    That’s why I decided to go freelance on my field of expertise, and I really enjoy it til now.

    And btw, I enjoyed reading on your blog here, bookmarked. 🙂
    Sorry for my poor English.


  2. angel says:

    I find in so upsetting that people can’t be happy about the success of others. It is about the fact that those people have sad and mundane lives. You are exactly right, the reason that they feel bad when YOU succeed…is because it makes them taKe a look at their own live and how they are going nowhere.


  3. Thank you Vei for bookmarking my site. Im glad you enjoy it. It’s nice to join forces with those that can relate. My theory is, find someone that’s on fire with enthusiasm…. and burn with them. Or find someone that’s flying high, and fly with them. Many ways to word that 🙂


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