The Only Way To Truly Be Happy

I noticed this year when preparing for my daughter’s birthday party that I was not stressed at all. Everything was done way ahead of time. It was perfect!

When I reflected over the last few years of throwing social gatherings as a single mom, I realized they were all enjoyable. Stress free. No bickering. Just enjoying the day, living in the moment, and embracing life.

When I was married, parties were quite different. I would be mad that I didn’t have anyone to help me set up, or that he forgot the ice cream at the store. I would be mad if the grill wasn’t fired on time, or if he wasn’t there to watch the kids opening presents. By counting on someone other than myself, I was only setting myself up for disappointment. Which then led to a series of other emotions.

We all wander around aimlessly in hopes to obtain that ultimate happiness. When in reality, happiness is quite simple. The trick is to never count on anyone! Although this may harsh, shallow, or cruel, it is the absolute truth. When we rely on others, we become disappointed. When we become disappointed next comes hurt, anger, frustration, among many other things.

When I began to compare this scenario to other times in life where disappointment has been a factor, along with anger, frustration etc., the answer was still the same. “Don’t count on anybody but yourself, and you will have nothing to complain about.”

5 thoughts on “The Only Way To Truly Be Happy

  1. secretlifeofjane says:

    Hi- I read this yesterday and have been thinking about it ever since. It makes me sad. Do you really think this? While I think it’s strong that you count on yourself so much, I also think it’s sad that you don’t think you can count on anyone else…


  2. Its just what I have experienced, so I had to teach myself not to. I use to count on people until they taught me not to. If I dont count on anyone but myself, there’s nobody to disappoint me. Only me to disappoint me, and I can control that.

    I do however have people in my life I can count on. Im just saying as a whole, that if we only count on ourselves, we are often happier.

    Its easier to accept people for who and what they are when we only count on ourselves. Counting on others is what seems to cause quarrels, problems, and conflict in most cases. (in my life anyway)


  3. Anonymous says:

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