Celebrate Today

Life is short and changes momentarily. We never know when anyone’s journey will end.

As a result, we  must leave no words unspoken, or take a single breath or person for granted.

For today:

Take today to show those you love how much they mean to you. Celebrate their life.

Tomorrow is never promised, and this day is simply a gift.

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Celebrate You

Sometimes our own worst enemy is ourselves. We choose not to forgive ourselves for things we have or have not done. We beat ourselves up, we criticize ourselves, and at times refuse to give ourselves a break. Let’s take the day off from that today. We will call it a vacation day.

If we begin to take time to celebrate our accomplishments and the positive things in our life, then the negative vibes will soon dissipate. We will be so busy rejoicing, that we will have a hard time letting any negativity slip in.

Let’s take today to celebrate who we are as individuals! We all have something good to offer.