Humility And Wisdom The Best Of Friends


I wrote a piece a few years ago in regards to humility and wisdom going hand in hand. And boy do they ever if you think about it. I mean, they are in deed the best of friends. You can’t have a little bit or a lot of one….without having the other show up. They are just inseparable. (And the two of them together can cause quite a fuss!)

In life we will have experiences that humiliate us. Friends may humiliate us. Co-workers may humiliate us. Family may humiliate us. All in all…. people will humiliate us. ( And if they don’t we may just find some time to humiliate ourselves.😂)

We must remember however that it is only humiliation when there is truth to it. Otherwise it is just a rumor folks. And nobody gives a crap about rumors. Rumors are laughed at, blown off, and just flat out ignored. (By intelligent people they are anyway.)

When truth humiliates us we are given wisdom. After that it is up to us  what we do with it. We can take that wisdom in and use it to benefit us and the situation, or we can reject it all together. 

When we reject the wisdom we choose to continue on the same path and stay in the same place of ignorance. It is simply a preference to keep making the same mistakes.

What we should really do, is use the wisdom to change the situation. That in turn breaks the cycle, and that is the only way to truly move forward.

Beauty Is Everywhere

Beauty really is everywhere! It is in the ugliest places. 

Beauty can even be found in the ugliest of people.

Sometimes you just have to look.  And perhaps, at times….

you may have to look really hard.

But it is there, I promise!

Picture 074

This picture was the only pretty thing in sight from where I was. It was a ran down trailer park in Tennessee. And the only sign of life in sight aside from a few happy birds and squirrels. But had I not looked, I would have missed it. Even in a ran down trailer park, there it was…. beauty!


To some it is a weed, but it’s a flower!

This picture was taken at a dump, in the middle of the mountains. Granted, I am not certain this location was meant to be a dump, but that is where that long gravel road took us.

And that is what people in this particular area had made it. A dump. There were shards of broken glass, trash, and bugs galore. From the looks of it, perhaps dead bodies were hidden there. Who knows?

Although this is a weed to some, in the midst of a dump….. it looked beautiful against the blues skies and other landscape. So yes, even in the trashiest of places, there is still beauty.

This topic was on my mind quite a bit this past week. It is hard to find beauty in things and people sometimes, so I made that my personal challenge.

Now I pass the challenge on to you. In the next week or from now on, look for beauty in the ugliest of places. Let me know what you find. What would you have missed, had you not looked so close?

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