On Top Of Spaghetti


Have you ever caught yourself singing this classical song from the old movie Lady and The Tramp?

“On top of spaghetti all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatballs when somebody sneezed”.

Have you ever felt that way about life? Everything is lined up on the plate and looking tasty. Just as you are about to savor that first bite someone sneezes, and there goes the meatballs.

It can be a slow recovery when it happens, because with meatballs the five second rule doesn’t apply. Sometimes you just have to start over.

The good news is, you will be more protective of the next plate. Then alas, you will be able to enjoy the meatballs you worked so hard to prepare.

Little did you know when the last batch was lost, that the next batch made will be your best work yet!

Bona Petite!

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