investing time copyTime. It is something that we all have the same amount of every day. It is often mistaken and taken for granted. And it is something that we will never have more of. Because of all this, we have to make it count.

I have cut many ties over the years due to lopsidedness in relationships. It has made for a more peaceful life.

I use to find myself so frustrated with the fact that certain relationships were primarily maintained by me. I did the traveling, I did the visiting, I made the phone calls, I initiated the texting etc. Rather than staying frustrated, I let go of the people. I keep them at a distance. And as a result, I am happier.value time

If you aren’t getting back what you put into something, then it is a pretty crappy investment. Instead of letting it drain your account of faith, hope, love, and compassion…. start investing those things elsewhere. When you invest wisely, you will soon find yourself around people who matter, and who let you know that you matter too.