The Importance Of Breaking Cycles

“We must break the cycle before it breaks us”

Cycles can be vicious and are often hard to break. To break them, we must continuously focus on the big picture. We have to focus on the positive side of breaking the cycle. By focusing there we will find the cycle broken sooner rather than later.

If we opt not to break the cycle, it eventually will break us more than it already has. Not to mention there are already plenty of broken people in the world. By breaking the cycle, we can then begin to help those broken people in the world who are in a cycle quite like ours was.

“We know we have broken the cycle once we find ourselves helping

others break that same cycle. And with that, there is much hope.”

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Maintaining A State Of Happiness

Happiness is preferred by many, the state of which can be hard to maintain at times. What is it that makes you happy?

For some people money makes them happy, while another person’s experience of happiness may be something as simple as being home from work to enjoy the things they’ve work so hard for. For some it is a nice home, while others are happy to just have a roof over their head. For some it is a nice car, while others are happy to have any car that will run. And for some it is designer clothes, while others would just be happy with any clothes that are comfortable and fit well. It varies so much from one person to the next.

I have found that people are the happiest when they stay busy and set goals. When we set goals and focus our attention on those things we love, we have less time to find negativity within our life. We become so focused on what we are doing, that we worry less about what other people are doing or thinking. We have less time to let our emotions betray us or consume us. We also worry less about keeping up with our neighbors. When we stay busy and find exciting things to be a part of we simply find ourselves content, and happy.

If you are finding yourself discontent with life and unhappy, find something to look forward to. Get excited about something. When we are doing things that are exciting to us, we enter a state of happiness. To maintain it, we must keep doing things that are productive, and exciting. When excitement fades, happiness soon follows.

Happiness is in our mind! It is all about perception.

Breaking Cycles: Focusing On Who You Want To Be, Not Who You Once Were

“Life is full of cycles. Some are very short-lived, while others can become a habit.” 

When attempting to break a cycle our point of focus will determine our success rate in breaking that particular cycle. Whether it is a lifestyle change or a breaking of bad habits, “We must focus on where we want to be and who we want to be, not where we are or who we are, or were.”

In the midst of breaking a cycle, people may snub you. But that’s ok. With every snub you get there will be people sent to make up for what those judging your positive changes lacked.

Just smile and hold your head high. Focus on who you want to be, and when you get there you can look back and say “aHa! I sure showed them!” You will be glad that you became who you wanted to be all along, and that you didn’t let those doubting you interfere with who you are meant to be.

We all make mistakes, and we all fall down. People who stay down like to pick apart those who get back up, try again, and succeed. Ignore their non-sense, and keep doing what you are doing. Only you can make it happen. And there is a satisfaction in accomplishing things that others think we can’t. It makes me smile anyway.