respectThere will always be those people in the world that no matter what we do or how hard we try, we will never have their respect. And that is okay. It is out of our control. We can not force someone to respect us.

Instead, we should only worry about what we can control and that is whether or not we allow others to disrespect us. (We are in charge here! We decide our worth. Hooray!)

No matter who you are, you do not deserve to be disrespected. Period. It does not matter who it is. We never have to agree with someone to be respectful and show compassion. And if we aren’t getting those…… it is up to us to change that. Only we can.

We set the bar for what we are worth. If we aren’t getting the respect and love we deserve then perhaps it is time to change our price-tag. There is no need to mark ourselves down to a close out price. We are worth more than that.


investing time copyTime. It is something that we all have the same amount of every day. It is often mistaken and taken for granted. And it is something that we will never have more of. Because of all this, we have to make it count.

I have cut many ties over the years due to lopsidedness in relationships. It has made for a more peaceful life.

I use to find myself so frustrated with the fact that certain relationships were primarily maintained by me. I did the traveling, I did the visiting, I made the phone calls, I initiated the texting etc. Rather than staying frustrated, I let go of the people. I keep them at a distance. And as a result, I am happier.value time

If you aren’t getting back what you put into something, then it is a pretty crappy investment. Instead of letting it drain your account of faith, hope, love, and compassion…. start investing those things elsewhere. When you invest wisely, you will soon find yourself around people who matter, and who let you know that you matter too.

The First Step

Are You Cherishing Each Breath You Take?

So many times life is taken for granted. Time is taken for granted. But in general people are taken for granted. It is as if we just expect someone will always be there. Or that we will always be here.

Every time we awake we have been given another gift. More breaths. More sunshine. More love. And more memories.

So the next time anything has us down and want to give up we must remember that someone out there is fighting for that last breath. By using this perspective, we will find ourselves more grateful. We will have more strength to conquer the challenges before us. And we will be less likely to take any of our own breaths for granted.

Claiming Our Past

“If we don’t claim our past it will claim our future. It is not possible to know where we are going, if we can’t admit the places we have been.”

I have seen countless situations where people deny their past. They deny what they have done, or what has been done to them. They deny their experiences. Their fear of admitting mistakes or failures enables them  to continue in their negative cycle. Simply put, it cripples them and they can not grow as a person. Instead they keep making the same mistakes, again and again.

By denying our past experiences we set ourselves up to fail.  If we can’t admit where we have been or screwed up in life, how could we even begin to correct it? By hiding it or denying the experiences we are merely doing a patch job. As we know, patches only hold so long.

By laying it all out there and owning every experience: nobody has anything over us. We can walk in peace, with no secrets. We live in light  instead of darkness.

There is nobody worth keeping secrets. We are worth more than that. By owning our past and our experiences we begin to walk in truth. We can then break the negative cycles and patterns; and begin to experience peace and happiness.

We have to own our experiences, and learn from them. It is the only way to level up in the game of life. If we can’t admit them, how can we ever truly recognize what needs changed?  

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Take Time

I don’t usually write personal blog entries on here, however, today is different. The meaning behind this quote and photo deserve an explanation. This photo was taken in route to meet the president of a publishing company in Nashville a few weeks ago. I was there in  pursuit of my dream.  I was in the midst of becoming an official author.

It was all  just a simple twist of fate that I met this man, especially the way we met. We met on eBay, when he asked a question on an item I had listed. As we wrote back and forth we decided it would be worth both of our while to meet, and we did. It was an answer to my prayers, and a dream come true.

This dream of mine is becoming more real every day. My work will soon be in s15,000 stores across the country. It will be on shelves, which is amazing. Most know that it is hard to get shelf space in this country nearly 1600  books published daily by various authors. So to me just as any other author, this is a huge deal.

I am excited, I am passionate, and I have a zillion things to write. I can’t wait to see what the future holds, as I have more hope now than ever before. My happiness tank at this point, is pretty full. Now if I could land a job with the local newspaper, I would be in heaven.

“Find a dream and chase it. Happiness will then chase you.”

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