The Right Path

When we separate ourselves from others and begin to travel the road we feel is best suited for us  is not always accepted by our peers. However, more often than not  it  is accepted by our conscience. These cleaner roads we must travel in life will allow us to encounter criticism and judgment,  however,  we must keep traveling and not give up.

For today:  Disregard the criticism of others and keep trucking along. Before you know it you will look back; and be thankful you took not only the high road, but the right road.

Dead ends are dead ends, and when we are on the right road there are none. Instead, doors continue to open leading us down roads with an infinite amount of street lights. One blown street light doesn’t mean the path no longer exists. Keep going.

The right path isn’t always that easiest, the shortest, or the most lit; but it is by far the best way to maintain happiness.

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The Season Changes Of Life

I don’t know if it is just me, or if others have observed this in their own life as well. It seems as though every time a person is taken from my life, wether it be by death, natural life season change, or by irreconcilable differences; there always seems to be someone sent to make up for that loss. Always someone to “take that place.” Not that a person can be “replaced”, because they can’t. However, God always seems to send me something better. A better relationship, a better group of people, nonetheless he gives me more!

It tells us that we are exactly where we need to be when this happens. It tells us that we are on track with whatever it is we are trying to accomplish in our life. As the seasons change in our life, so will our company. I think it keeps us from being stagnant.  I think it pushes us to lead productive and fulfilling lives. Have you experienced this in your life? When you part ways with someone, does someone better enter your life shortly after?