Loving Endlessly

So many people waste time and energy loving people incapable of loving them back. The relationship is dead, yet they hang on until that frayed rope finally snaps. They make themselves sick with worry.

Instead of focusing on whats wrong with that part of our lives, we need to focus on what is right everywhere else. There are plenty of people who already love you. There are also plenty of people you have yet to meet, ready to to love you too.

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2 thoughts on “Loving Endlessly

  1. ZEROLAND-UNLIMITED-GROUP...!!!... says:

    LOVE,, i firmly believe,, waz meant to lazt FOREVER…!!!… if there iz a stopping-point to,, or a shift in said LOVE,, it muzt be conzidered,, that it waz UN-MATCHED from the VERY moment of agreement…!!!… whether matched or not,, the love u give should lazt an “ETERNITY”…!!!…ZIII…


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