The Benefits Of Honesty

Lying can make people victorious initially, but it is only temporary. By being honest in all areas you will gain respect from others in the long run; which is far more admirable. It takes much strength to be honest in all situations. And  those lacking honesty; simply lack character, insight, and direction. Fear dictates their lives.

As we know the truth will be seen eventually, and those that once screamed victory from the revelation of lies; will realize they were defeated all along. They defeated themselves the moment they delivered those lies and deception. They defeated themselves by remaining in denial. And they will continue to defeat themselves until there is a realization that life is far too short, to live a lie.

When looking at the big picture one can clearly see that lying brings about failure, while remaining honest promotes success. I have seen it time and time again. My best advice to anyone that reads this; is advice that was once passed to me. “Just be honest. It may bite you at first, but eventually, others will see that what you are/were saying is real.” Once others begin to separate the truth from the lies, and the facts from the fiction;  you can experience true victory without having compromised who you are in the process.

“Stand for the truth at all times.

As liars begin to trip themselves up, you will still be standing.

It is much easier to stand; than continuing to fall.”

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13 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Honesty

  1. So true Jane I think we all learn that lesson.

    As for the original post, excellent!

    I know that I haven’t always been honest to those around me.. eventually I just realized
    that being dishonest is weak and just runs from the one thing that you really are.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s your age or who you went out with last night..

    “Honesty is not having to remember what you’ve said.” – Mark Twain

    Really nice post, I like your integrity


  2. The better she gets to know you over time, the more she’ll be able
    to tell when you’re lying and above that she’ll feel justified in lying to you.

    Bottom line – Don’t lie, be honest


  3. cameron says:

    I find this to be very direct and meaningful. I am currently dealing with someone who has spent a majority of their life lying about who they are/were. Its like when you hear, ” the truth will set you free.” Well that actually is how I felt when it worked for me. No lie will remain hidden forever.


  4. I dated a compulsive liar for almost 2 years and I had never been so up close and personal with it. I had been warned by his former spouse via this website but I ignored it at first. But then shortly after her and her friends warning, I began to pray. As I did, lies began to be revealed regularly.

    This man awoke every day of his life with one goal, to not get caught lying that day. Every relationship in his life was what I refer to as a “surface” relationship. The people he calls friends, are people who do not know him past the surface. And the ones who do eventually get past the surface with him, bail once they see they are dealing with evil.

    I agree, truth does set you free. It will always come out in the end so we might as well live in truth all along. Makes life easier. And it certainly beats walking around watching over your shoulder all the time, paranoid.


  5. It took a while for me. I wanted to believe him. Everything else about the relationship was perfect. It was the lies that caused the problems.

    He went to see 3 different counselors in a year, appeared to want to change, and I gave him too much grace and had too much hope in him as a person. When he began to involve my children with his lies, and became abusive, I realized I needed out.

    So I guess a short answer to your question would be…. false hope?

    Everything else was perfect…

    One HUGE up side to split, is that my ex husband and I get along better now than we have in years.


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