Impossible and Possible

We can’t ever change who a person is. That has to come from within them. We can however change our circle of people, so that we have a better fit when it comes to the company we keep.

If personalities clash and you are finding yourself frustrated around a person more than you find yourself full of joy and happiness – it is an easy fix. Instead of trying to mold and change the individual, change where you are spending your time instead. After that, everything will start falling into place. 

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No Excuses


We all have them

We all use them

Easy to find

And abuse them


Nothing but excuses

Filled with Excuses


Without fear would we still have them?

Probably not!

Excuses are timeless

Sometimes seem crime-less

But are they really?

Or is it our selfishness shining through?

Where’s our compassion?

OH WAIT!!!!!

There’s probably an excuse for that too!

© 2005 Angela Bininger