ABC’s of Life Series — Day 2 Letter B : Be Careful Who You Trust

ABC’s of Life Series
Day 2,  Letter B


Be Careful Who You Trust

When we read be careful who you trust in the ABC’s of Life poem it applies to relationships and life in general. It is the mechanic, the salesman, the doctor, the lawyer, the friends, the family, and whatever else you want to insert into that blank. It also includes trusting ourselves.

We are all guilty of thinking we believe or feel a certain way about something. Until of course we get to be tested and placed into the actual situation. We assume that because we have never believed in it or that we were taught not to do it; that we never will. This is where we mislead ourselves. It is an example of where we have trusted ourselves too much.

We put our trust in the hands of others until given reason not to. We trust ourselves to navigate our lives until we hit the rocks. We go through lesson after lesson to discover the same results; God is the only one we can trust.

There are a lot of people who do not believe in Him, and that is their choice. It saddens me to think that cultures and religions have caused the thought of us all having a “maker” to be repulsive for some. Unfortunately, that is just how it is.

I can say for certain that no matter how dark the days, how heavy the load, or how long the travels; He was right beside me. I don’t read my bible every day. I do not attend church regularly. However, I still believe. I still talk to Him, and He still hears me. Believe it or not, He answers my prayers too! It may not always be in the ways one would expect, but they will always get answered.  We just have to put our trust in Him.

He hears me when I’m smoking a cigarette and He would hear me if I drank a beer. He accepts me, and I trust Him. Perhaps we should all trust Him a little more?


Day 3 Letter C

Cherish Every Breath You Take

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When Was Your Last Piece Of Humble Pie?

Humble pie is the hardest piece of pie to eat. No sooner than we think we are: above something or someone, better than something or someone, don’t need something or someone …. we are given our first slice.

Humble pie must be chewed slowly, and is often washed down with  grateful juice.

(Grateful juice is also known as an attitude of gratitude energy drink.)  

The grateful juice tracer is crucial to prevent future pieces of humble pie from being served. Grateful juice can be found anywhere. To find it we must look around and see what we have to be thankful for.

WARNING: Humble pie can be crippling, and must be taken seriously!

As that piece of humble pie enters the body it begins to expose one’s insides. It rotates around the heart and soul for quite some time before entering the digestive tract. Humble pie can take weeks, months, and possibly years to digest. It varies from person to person and bite by bite.

For some lucky ones who indulge in a piece of humble pie, it will digest instantly. Some will only need a bite while others will need to eat the entire pie.

Of course there will always be some people who will eat all of the pies in the bakery and soon-after head to the next bakery. The engorge themselves because they just can’t taste the lessons. 

Beware of humble pie! It is often served following statements such as:

I would never _____

I could never ______

I have never ______

You could never _________

You will never ________

You can’t _________

You won’t ________

They always _________

They never _________

I wish I _________

Beware filling in the blanks above and when forming any sentences that begin with such words.

Humble pie is frightening  and is typically not the most appetizing dessert. It can be bitter and sour. When digested it can leave some feeling weak, vulnerable, and helpless.

At times humble pie can take lives but in time it will restore many lives. It takes hearts  and it gives hearts. It simply depends on how we digest  it. 

If digested properly humble pie can and will improve eyesight. Humble pie has been known to cure blindness in most cases.

Always keep your grateful juice handy to prevent future occurrences with humble pie. To date, the grateful juice is the only preventative measure that can be taken.

Just as humble pie has no expiration date, neither does the grateful juice. So drink it often!

Have you eaten a piece of humble pie lately?

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