ABC’s of Life Series – Day 4 Letter D : Dreaming Is A Must

ABC’s of Life Series

Day 4, Letter D


Dreaming Is A Must

We all are born to dream. Sometimes we just have a hard time believing  in our dreams enough to follow through. We get stuck in these ruts of being comfortable, and find ourselves afraid to take a risk. However, we need to take a risk; to achieve a gain.

This world has developed due to people’s dreams and their determination to make those dreams a reality. Because someone dared to dream, we now communicate in this world faster than ever before. We build luxurious homes, we dine at the finest restaurants, and we wear some of the most lavish clothing.

Because someone dared to dream we have cures for diseases. Infants can live prematurely for weeks ahead of schedule and still survive. We are living longer, and for the most part we are healthier too.

Thank goodness people in this world have dreams. I am grateful that no matter how many times people were told it could not be done, someone made it a point to do it anyway. They followed their heart, and they succeeded.

Dreams keep us alive and give us something to look forward to. Dreams advance the world and grant opportunities like never before. Dreams, are a key to happiness. Fulfilling them is when happiness has nearly been mastered.

“Not only must we take time to dream, but we must make the time for our dreams to come true.”                    

What is your dream? Are you ready to make it happen? It can be done ….



Day 5 Letter E: Exercise Your Freedom Of Speech 

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Take Time

I don’t usually write personal blog entries on here, however, today is different. The meaning behind this quote and photo deserve an explanation. This photo was taken in route to meet the president of a publishing company in Nashville a few weeks ago. I was there in  pursuit of my dream.  I was in the midst of becoming an official author.

It was all  just a simple twist of fate that I met this man, especially the way we met. We met on eBay, when he asked a question on an item I had listed. As we wrote back and forth we decided it would be worth both of our while to meet, and we did. It was an answer to my prayers, and a dream come true.

This dream of mine is becoming more real every day. My work will soon be in s15,000 stores across the country. It will be on shelves, which is amazing. Most know that it is hard to get shelf space in this country nearly 1600  books published daily by various authors. So to me just as any other author, this is a huge deal.

I am excited, I am passionate, and I have a zillion things to write. I can’t wait to see what the future holds, as I have more hope now than ever before. My happiness tank at this point, is pretty full. Now if I could land a job with the local newspaper, I would be in heaven.

“Find a dream and chase it. Happiness will then chase you.”

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