No Matter How Small You Feel

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I was looking through a notebook of mine where I jot down thoughts and ideas and came across this old quote of mine. I thought I would take a few minutes to expand on the topic since it is something we all experience from time to time.

There are times we feel discouraged or as if no one notices us and is paying attention. It is what we do during those times, that is often the most noticed in the long run.

You know the song “I always feel like, somebody’s watching me”? I think they were on to something with those lyrics. Someone is always watching you. You are important. You mean something. And you are loved. 

No matter how small you feel, how unaccomplished you feel, or how low you feel…. there will always be someone who admires and looks up to you. So the next time you feel down, remember that.

Make Today Matter

walkEverything is temporary. Our homes, our cars, our health, our minds, our bodies, our children, our family, our friends, our pets, and all material items. Although some seasons last longer than others, what and who we have today can be gone in the blink of an eye. As we all know, life is short and nothing is promised to last forever.

Make today matter. Love yourself. Leave nothing unsaid. And let people know what they mean to you. Release the negativity and embrace the positives. Love your enemies. Be kind. Be polite. Be courageous. Be strong.You’ve got this.

The First Step


Setbacks Are Truly Comebacks

Setbacks Are Truly Comebacks

Day 3: Removing The Anchor

When restoring happiness and peace it is important to untie those anchors that keep us in treacherous waters.  After all, how can we get to a new destination if this anchor keeps holding in the same location? If we remain anchored we take the risk of being shipwrecked with one storm, or even one wave.

By removing the anchor and entering the captain’s seat we take control. We can then head into the open waters and travel around future storms  vs. sitting through every storm anchored and praying for survival. By steering ourselves, we are then given the option to plow through the waves and storms with determination. It also allows us to  keep a better eye on the forecast.

Our survival rate will increase significantly by simply taking control of the boat.

For day 3:

It is time to untie the rope, leave the anchor behind and set sail.

Once you start steering, you find that you are closer to Paradise Island than you had originally thought. However,  in order to get there we must first let go.

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Want To Know The Secret To Life?

Many are unaware of the secret to life; the law of attraction. Our thoughts attract what goes on in our life. If you think negative, you attract negative. If you think positive, you attract positive. Do you think it is coincidence that the same people repeatedly attract good things? It is not, it is simply their thought process.

If you can visualize it, you can achieve it. If you want anything bad enough, it is yours. No matter what, your thoughts create your universe. Positive thoughts will bring positive results, every single time! Observe others, and take mental notes. Are good things happening because they have a good attitude? Are bad things happening because they consistently speak of bad things? It’s interesting what we see, when we look!

I highly recommend this video. It’s 20 minutes of the actual documentary. This 20 minutes, could change the course of your life! “Whatever goes on in your mind, you are attracting to you.” Bob Proctor

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Single Moms vs. Wannabe’s

I hear the term single mom often; it is  my life. There is a sense of pride with the title, along with a sense if shame. Most of us intended to raise our children with a partner.  However, for various reasons it didn’t work out. So here we are, truly single and raising children.

When I was married I often said “I’m a single mom with a marriage license.”  I felt very alone and single when it came to rearing the children. He would often come home from work late and the kids were already bathed and in bed. The norm was for the kids to see their dad on Sundays.

When it came to their schooling, doctor’s visit’s, sports activities etc.; it was all me. I did everything but pay the bills and felt I had a right to call myself a single mom. Now I realize, I did not have that right. Nor do other married people who say such a thing. We each played a valuable role, but by falling into traditional gender roles we in time lost respect for one another.

The truth is; A single mom lives alone. She works as many jobs as she needs. She refuses to fail. She refuses to live under someone’s thumb.  She has respect for herself. She will not allow to fear to dictate her life. She is the nurturer, the protector, and the provider. She is an inspiration to those that are miserable and to those who are waiting to take the leap.

She is often judged by catty pampered women, and not respected as much as she should be. She is discriminated against often, but each day she rises again. And each day she succeeds one more time because he is determined. She finds herself doing things she has never done before. She has a strength that can not be explained, and a strength she didn’t know she had.

At least this single mom does anyway….

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